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Eyelash Extensions | Before & Aftercare

Make sure you're prepared as best as can be before showing up to your appointment to ensure the best results.  Also, aftercare is key in getting the most time to enjoy the final product!

Things to know for BEFORE your initial appointment

  • If you are allergic to latex, please notify Haven Beauty immediately

  • You will be laying down for approx. 60-180 minutes (depending on your appointment booked)

  • You are unable to get your lashes wet for Twenty Four (24) hours. It is recommended to shower


  • Please attend your appointment with freshly washed lashes. No makeup is to be worn on the eyes

  • No contact lenses are to be worn during lash application

  • If you have booked an initial application appointment, you may wish to bring photographs or

    have something visual to show your technician of the desired look you wish to achieve

    After Care

    • Absolutely no mascara is to be placed onto the lashes at any time

    • No water is to touch them post treatment for 24 hours (for initial, and for fills)

    • It is not recommended to put your face directly under the shower stream when showering

    • Do not rub, pull or itch at your lashes. No touching is recommended

    • Brush your lashes daily

    • No oil based products are to be used on or around your lashes (this will break down the bond of

      the adhesive, causing your lashes to prematurely fall off sooner)

    • Do not EVER use an eyelash curler on your extensions

    • Silk pillowcases are recommended to extend the life of your lashes

    • Wash your lashes daily with an approved eyelash extension shampoo only.

    • Do not try to remove your extensions on your own. Should you wish to remove, contact your

      technician for professional removal

    • Avoid sleeping face down

      Lash Shampoo/Cleanser

    • Can be purchased from your lash technician. We only recommend using approved lash formulated cleansers for cleaning your lash extensions.

    • Directions for Use: Shake bottle vigorously before each use. Apply one pump of mixture to lashes in shower or at sink. Use a soft. Clean makeup brush to gently mix the foam into the lashes and lift away debris. Should the brush become “dirty”, rinse the brush clean and recommence cleaning lashes until brush remains clean at all times. Once complete, splash lashes with clean warm water to rinse. Pat dry.

    • Should you, at any point in time, consider infection/aggravation to the eye a concern, it is advised that you seek immediate medical attention from a licensed practitioner.

    • Should you have any queries, please email

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