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Microblading Session


Global Leaders In Lash Extension Training & Certification

Are you looking for a change?

A new career?

Financial Freedom?

Time Freedom?

Haven Academy are global leaders in Lash Extension Training & Certification. Our Master Trainers have over 10+ years industry experience, and are working lash technicians; something that most trainers are not. Being that we are with clients weekly, our industry and technical knowledge is fast paced, current to the daily market, and on trend. Why does this matter? Because the industry evolves and changes daily - so your training methods and instructors should too!

We pride ourselves on having the most in-depth training programs on the market today! Leave your training confident in your technical skills, and in knowing how to build a real business.

Stop selling yourself short! Start your new career today and be happy again! Financial freedom, time freedom, and most of all - Flexibility in all of your choices! 

Be part of the revolution - What are you waiting for?

Lash Training: Welcome
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