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Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Eyelashes can make or break your whole look. But if you weren’t born blessed with mile-long lashes, and mascara doesn’t quite cut it, then you might be thinking about getting extensions. You can’t deny the big impact that only comes with a set of luscious lashes!

However, you might have heard horror stories about the dangers of eyelash extensions. We’re here to set the record straight and give you the facts about this popular procedure.

Risks of Eyelash Extensions

Before we dive into the risks, it’s important to note that the vast majority of people experience no ill effects or reactions at all. Eyelash extensions are a safe and popular addition to any aesthetician’s list of services. For decades, millions of people around the world have sworn by it, coming back for more extensions again and again.

With that said, every process that modifies the body – however minor it may be – will involve some necessary precautions. Here’s what you should know about the safety of eyelash extensions.

1) Allergic Reactions to Adhesive of Materials

Even though it is still relatively rare, the most common risk of eyelash extensions (or any other aesthetic service) is the possibility of an allergic reaction. The artificial lashes themselves are synthetic, and to date we have never seen anyone react to the material in them – only to the adhesive. While we take every precaution in our working environment to reduce the risk of allergies, the ultimate factor is something we have no control over: your body! You may not even know you have a sensitivity to a certain chemical or compound until you encounter it with us. If an allergic reaction happens, we recommend immediate removal of the lashes. We also discourage trying to put them on again – the reaction can be more aggressive and intense with repeated exposure. If you think this is a possibility, you can ask to do a patch test of the adhesive or lash material on your arm before you get the procedure done. This can help you catch a reaction early and we’ll know not to proceed.

2) Contact with the Eye Surface

You might imagine a nervous technician with shaky hands, accidentally jabbing you right in the eyeball as we work….but the reality is nothing like that! We're trained professionals with certificates, insurance, loads of experience, and business licenses to back it all up. Procedures like these are part of our everyday routine, and using the tools and techniques are how we earn a living. You will be treated like the queen you are, and you can rest assured that you’re in good, confident, steady hands!

3) Pre-existing Conditions

If you have pre-existing eye conditions that might interfere with the adhesion, longevity, or comfort of eyelash extensions, you could be at increased risk of secondary effects. This may show up as swelling, tenderness, itchiness, irritation, and so on. These include conditions such as:

  1. eyelid dermatitis (a.k.a. eyelid eczema or periocular dermatitis) – red, itchy eyelids that are already reacting to some kind of irritant

  2. blepharitis – irritation caused by bacterial build-up at the base of your eyelashes

  3. alopecia areata – loss of localized hair, such as eyebrows or eyelashes

  4. Trichotillomania – a compulsion to pluck out hair from your body

We highly recommend visiting your doctor, dermatologist, or ophthalmologist if you experience any of these and you want eyelash extensions. It’s also a good idea to avoid extensions while undergoing medical treatments in that area, like LASIK or chemotherapy.

4) Infection, Loss of Lashes, and Other Risks

Some people report more extreme results, like swelling of the eyelid or a loss of their natural eyelashes. Some have even experienced infection afterwards, due to inadequate hygiene measures. This is why it’s so important to visit a professional technician! Professional technicians deliver everything you need to minimize the risks:

  1. proper hygienic and cleanliness practices

  2. knowledge about the chemicals in the adhesive

  3. the right tools and techniques for maximum comfort, protection, and results

  4. advice about maintenance and aftercare

A professional eyelash tech is your best bet to have a great experience from start to finish!

Eyelash Extension Experts in Calgary, Alberta

From knowing the ins and outs of the materials to simply being able to recommend the right extensions for you, Haven Beauty is where Calgary comes for all things eyelash!

Whether you’re a first-time visitor in search of an everyday style boost, or a beauty queen that needs something amazing for a special event, come on over to Haven and discover how beautiful you can be!

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Ensuring safety is paramount when it comes to beauty procedures like eyelash extensions. While they can enhance your look, it's crucial to be well-informed about potential risks and precautions. This article title prompts important questions about the safety of eyelash extensions, encouraging readers to delve into the topic and make informed decisions about their beauty routines.

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