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Are Permanent Eyebrows Safe?

are permanent eyebrows safe?

Permanent eyebrow applications have gotten especially popular over the last 10-20 years, showing up on red carpets and right here at home. More and more people are enjoying the benefits they provide. And this naturally makes people wonder – is permanent eyebrow makeup safe?

As it turns out, permanent makeup actually goes back more than 100 years (and has its roots even further back, in ancient Egypt), and it has been practiced in North America since the 1930s. It has a long history of great success, safety, and performance. The procedure for application is approved by both Alberta Health Services and Health Canada. So, we feel confident in saying permanent eyebrows are absolutely safe! With that said, that safety depends on taking the right precautions and choosing a qualified artist.

Are Permanent Eyebrows a Good Idea?

Before we get into what you should look for in a technician, let’s touch on the benefits of permanent makeup. Are they a good idea?

People who are devoted to the gospel of microblading and similar techniques will swear by them. They save time because you don’t have to constantly apply or touch up your brows in the morning and throughout the day. They won’t wash away from sweat, rain, swimming, or showering. They match the bone structure of your face and are designed to look exactly how you like – so you have perfectly shaped brows, every single day.

To sum it up: we think they’re fantastic, and we think you will, too! Of course, there may be some other considerations, like sensitivities to the pigment or a history of adverse skin reactions. But that will be covered in your initial consultation so we can minimize the risk.

Certifications for Permanent Eyebrow Technicians

Just like you wouldn’t walk into any tattoo shop and sit for a session without doing some research on the artist, you don’t want to choose a microblading technician out of the blue. You want to be sure that your chosen person is professional, hygienic, and equipped with the right gear to do the whole thing safely.

It’s actually not required in Canada to have a specific certification for doing permanent eyebrows. However, we want to put all our clients at ease from the moment they walk through our door – so that’s why our staff is fully trained on all aspects of health and safety. From proper standards on infection, to contamination prevention, to studies on technique and skill, we take great pride in our certifications. We have them for microblading, powder brows, and combination brows, and we’re happy to tell you all about them. Feel free to ask away for any more information!

Safety of Permanent Brows

So, what does that all mean? Here are some quick tips on how to make your brow application as safe as possible when considering permanent makeup:

  • Look for referrals and reviews from others who have been to the studio before. Stalk their IG and see their results. You should be able to get a sense of the place and its people, and figure out if it’s worth your business.

  • If you have a history of allergies or sensitive skin, it could be worth discussing your plans with a dermatologist to see if you have anything to be aware of.

  • The procedure should be done in a clean, controlled environment, with proper safety precautions (gloves, masks, sterile equipment, etc.).

  • The technician should be able to explain their qualifications and experience.

  • The technician shouldn’t be rushing you into or out of the chair – it takes time to do brows right!

  • If the price feels way too good to be true, it probably is. Talent and experience take time, and a true artist invests in their skills and equipment. (This isn’t to say it should be super expensive – but use your best judgment!)

Getting Permanent Brows in Calgary, Alberta

That’s a lot of info – we know! But luckily, you’ve got some great gals right here at Haven Beauty who can help you make sense of it all. If you're still thirsting for knowledge we have another blog post on everything you would ever want to know about permanent eyebrow makeup. We’ve been doing microblading, powder brows, combination brows, and much more for years now, helping Calgary look its best every day.

Whether you’re simply wanting to make your daily routine a little easier, or you’re doing a glow-up for a once-in-a-lifetime special event…we have everything you need to make your lashes, brows, hair, and makeup POP! Make your appointment, head down Deerfoot to our Douglasdale location, and find a little bit of heaven at Haven Beauty!

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