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Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

hooded eyelash extensions

When you invest in eyelash extensions, you want to make sure they don’t just look as good as possible (and we know you’ve got that locked down). You want them to last as long as possible, too. The adhesive used and the pro skills of the technician are part of this. But did you know that your genes and skin are, too?

It’s true! One of the things we look for and work around when putting on some of Calgary’s best eyelash extensions is the presence of a hooded eye. This is a condition that can impact how long your lashes last, how comfortable they are, and how on point you need to be with your clean routine.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what hooded eyes are, how we accommodate them, and how people with them can use proper after-care to keep lashes looking fresh for ages!

What are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are basically just what they sound like: an eye shape where extra skin and tissue below the eyebrow covers the eyelid (but not the eye itself). This extra skin “droops” down from above, and is most noticeable around the outer temple edge of the eyes.

Why does it happen? Most people think it’s from aging, but it’s just as likely due to genetics. There is usually no medical issue (so it doesn’t actually do any harm), but some people don’t like the way it looks on them. So, there are treatments available, like Botox injections, dermal fillers, thread lifts, and other cosmetic procedures. You do you, and we’ll cheer you on no matter what!

Fortunately, hooded eyes don’t usually interfere with people’s vision or their quality of daily life. However, the condition can affect eyelash extensions…

How Hooded Eyes Affect Eyelash Extensions

Hooded eyes can present problems for lash technicians because the extra skin may reach down far enough to press against the eyelashes from above. This isn’t such a big deal for natural lashes, but the extra pressure and oil secretions can be a big headache for lash adhesive.

That’s why we always tailor our extensions to each person. Depending on how hooded the eye is, and your skin’s elasticity, we map out the placement for maximum hold, working with your specific eye shape to get the best possible outcomes. As experienced lash technicians, we’ll choose the best quality, weight, and curl style to accommodate hooded eyes. And if you have any questions about how we pick the best ones for you, don’t be shy – ask away!

Proper Care for Eyelash Extensions with Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, one of the most important things you can do to maintain your lash extensions is follow the right after-care routine. This includes giving the adhesive enough time to set, not touching or rubbing the lashes, avoiding oil-based products around the eyes, and proper, consistent cleaning. Daily washing with the right cleansers, in particular, will reduce the amount of oil and protein build-up on your eyelashes, which in turn will help the adhesive last much longer.

Hooded eyes might be problematic for some technicians, but they’re nothing we haven’t seen and dealt with before. We’re masters of the craft, after all! Our retention techniques and guidance will help you get the most out of your lashes – no matter what shape your eyes are. The important thing is that you’ll walk away more beautifully stunning than ever before!

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