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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup: Everything You Want to Know

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

woman's permanent eyebrow makeup

Imagine never again having to worry about shaping your brows or applying colour before heading out for a date. For many people, they’ve found a solution that does just that in permanent eyebrow makeup.

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This process is more than just thickening the hair of the brows – it involves expertise, experience, and a very skilled and steady hand from the artist. Here at Haven, these can take three forms:

1) Microblading: Microblading is similar to very fine tattooing, using a specialized pigment and thin needles to replicate the look and shade of natural eyebrow hair.

2) Powder Brows: Just like it sounds, powder brows resemble an application of powder makeup. Ranging from barely-there to bold, a professional powder brow makes a loud style statement.

3) Combination Brows: A combination of the first two styles, these brows blend the best of both worlds to give a vibrant and natural look, with added density where you want it.

Does it hurt to get permanent brows?

We use numbing creams before and during the process to help with pain, and every effort is made to keep you comfortable. As a result, any pain will be minimal and (hopefully) hardly even noticeable!

How long do permanent eyebrows last?

That depends on things like hair colour, skin tone, the type of brow you get, the amount of sun exposure you have, and other factors. Generally, we recommend at least one touch up a year.

How long do permanent eyebrows take to apply?

Again, this depends on personal factors and the type of brow you’re getting, but you should allow 2-3 hours for the procedure.

How much downtime do permanent brows need?

While your brows will look great right away, it will be about two weeks before they are fully healed. In the meantime, avoid excessive sweating or sun exposure. That means no beach time right after your appointment, unfortunately!

How are permanent eyebrows applied?

All the permanent brows we do at Haven are applied with a permanent makeup tool, using a range of fine needles and specific pigments that we choose together with you. Working very delicately, your makeup artist replicates the lengths and feathery appearance of your natural brow hairs, working within the overall brow shape that you choose beforehand. Powder and combination styles combine this fine linework with additional shading that can blend into the surrounding skin, creating a look that’s uniquely you.

Are permanent eyebrows safe?

When performed by a licensed professional that can minimize the risk of infection in sanitary conditions, permanent eyebrow applications are as safe as any other esthetic procedure. Always check the credentials and experience of your brow artist – they should be able to show why they’re qualified to work on you. (Plus, we’re always ready to put you at ease here at Haven!) Read further in depth on this topic in a new blog post of ours titled "Are Permanent Eyebrows Safe?"

Can permanent eyebrow makeup be removed?

While overall effectiveness will vary depending on your skin tone, hair colour, density of pigment, and so on, we have good news! Microblading and other permanent makeup styles can be removed if you’re unhappy with how they look. Like tattoos, laser removal is an effective option to break down the pigments and bring your brows back to their natural appearance.

Can permanent eyebrows be corrected?

Yes, permanent brow makeup can be corrected. Some reasons for this may include:

  • Incorrect shape of the brow

  • Fading colour/wrong colour

  • Asymmetry between brows

  • Incorrect placement of the brow makeup

The solution may involve more time under the machine, a touch-up visit, or a laser treatment to break down pigment that ended up in a place you don’t like. Ask for specific guidance from one of your friendly Haven professionals if you have a brow in need of some TLC!

Which microblading pigment is best?

The answer to this depends on what’s most important to you – colour retention, colour pop, and so on. It will also depend on the artist who is working on your brows. In our experience, we’ve found Permablend and Tina Davies to be the most reliable and consistent pigments available.

Permablend and Tina Davies

These two brands have high standards of performance and heal to the true colour they’re meant to be. They have hundreds of different shades, created through the efforts of artists and scientists with decades of experience to draw on. Even the techniques used, like Tina Davies’ undertone matching, make them stand above the competition. (Plus, if you’re a vegan, TD is the way to go – they’re vegan and cruelty-free.)

Choosing a good pigment

The most important factors in a good permanent makeup pigment are good hygiene, ease of use, colourfastness, and universal compatibility. We’ve found that these two brands hit all these on the mark, delivering great quality along with good customer support and plenty of reference information. We put in all the research in finding good pigments so that you never feel left behind!

To learn more, read our blog post dedicated to Which Microblading Pigment Is Best?

Microblading for blondes

Maybe you heard from your sister’s friend’s cousin that “Blondes can’t get microblading!” Well, we’re here to tell you that even the most straw-haired blonde can enjoy the benefits of any of the three types of permanent makeup.

Microblading, powder brows (microshading), and combination brows are done for blondes the same way they’re done for everyone else. You get a consultation to figure out what you want, the shape of your brows, and the colour that will work best for you. Once you’re 100% satisfied and ready, it’s time to make it happen – a few hours later, and your brows will be looking brand-new!

Microblade colours for blondes

Blondes can enjoy almost any colour of pigment, because the best results come from a shade that’s slightly darker than your natural hair. You can choose a tone that’s warmer or cooler, thicker or more subdued…the power is in your hands

To go further in depth on this topic, click over to our dedicated blog post on How Microblading Works for Blondes.

Microblading vs. traditional eyebrow tattooing

Are you trying to decide between microblading and the more “reliable” method of eyebrow tattooing? Make sure you’ve got all the facts first. These two techniques are similar, but there are some differences you should know before you get under the needle.

Microblade pigment or tattoo ink

Pigment or ink – does it matter? It sure does! Tattoo ink, which goes about 1 mm into the skin (compared to microblading pigment, at about 0.1 mm), is designed to last longer, going years without a touch-up. Eventually, though, it will fade, turning green or blue and becoming hard to fix without a lot of time and money involved.

Pigment is designed to fade over about a year, getting lighter but retaining the same shade (not skewing blue or green). It looks more natural, but it does require annual maintenance to keep the colour vibrant.

Difference between microblade and tattoo brows

Tattoo artists rarely use numbing cream or similar products, but they can also use specialized equipment and templates to work quickly. Microblade artists have to draw small, individual lines by hand, requiring many strokes with tiny needles. This takes more time and can be uncomfortable, so a topical anaesthetic is almost always used.

As for appearance, microblading better copies the look of natural brows – in fact, it began as an offshoot of tattooing for exactly that reason. The colours are less solid and prominent, appearing less like a “filler” than tattoos (which run the risk of looking stenciled on, even from a distance).

It all comes down to the style you want – but whatever that may be, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best approach for you.

Click to visit our full eyebrow services page!

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