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Which Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

which eyelash extensions should I get in Calgary

Whether you’re heading out to the office Christmas party, getting ready for a Valentine’s date, or prepping for a summer vacation, there’s no bad time to invest in some picture-perfect eyelash extensions!

Here at Haven Beauty, we specialize in turning plain old “blah”-shes into beautiful fashion statements. With four different levels of volume to choose from – classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume – we can do anything from a subtle boost to an attention-grabbing shout that everyone will notice.

But before we can do that, first we have to answer…which eyelash extensions are right for you?

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extensions

Like your clothes, makeup, or hairstyle, lashes are an expression of your personality and tie into your overall aesthetic. They shouldn’t be an afterthought, or something you do without looking over the options. Because we want your whole look to vibe together, we will discuss your “eyelash wishlist” in detail prior to application.

Here are some of the things that could influence your choice:

1) Lifestyle: Do you spend a lot of time outdoors, rain or shine? Do you have hobbies that get you sweating? Your lifestyle can affect your lashes and the adhesive on them, so making sure that you get the most out of what you paid is important. You don’t want your volume vanishing after a day or two!

2) Occupation: Whether you want to show off your lashes to everyone or you need to keep them covered for safety on the job, you should consider things like dress codes and physical appearance before choosing an extension type.

3) Personal Makeup Taste: Do you like lashes that look like they’re leaping right out into the room? Or do you prefer the more subdued, classic fashion that is just enough to catch someone’s eye? Your usual style of makeup should inform your decision, and every part of your outfits and aesthetic should cooperate to make one fab combo.

4) Budget: How much are you willing to spend on your lashes? The more voluptuous they get, the more time, effort, and materials are required. Know what your budget range is before you come in, and it will help you decide what product to get.

5) Purpose: Are you boosting your lashes for a single event, or do you need something that will last for a while? Do you need to stand out in a crowd, or simply blend in with your besties? Think about your reasons for getting extensions.

6) Fashion Trends: While this doesn’t matter for some people, others like to consider broad fashion trends of the season before committing to a look. Knowing what’s hot (and what’s not) can help you make a final decision if you’re stuck on the fence.

Getting Eyelash Extensions in Calgary, Alberta

We know, we know – there are about a million places you could get eyelash extensions here in Calgary, and you’re probably wondering what makes Haven Beauty so special.

Here’s the thing: our experienced lash technicians are masters of their craft! Within minutes of you coming in the door, we can expertly navigate through all the options and information you need, safely giving you the perfect set of lashes that you’ll want to wake up to every day. You know you’ll be getting a great result, a professional touch, and a whole lot of expertise on how to take care of your luscious new lashes.

Don’t believe us? Come in to our south Calgary salon and see for yourself, and you’ll know why thousands of people in the city trust no one else to deliver truly BEAUTIFUL, bold eyelash extensions! And beyond that, we can help with brows, laser hair removal, fine line tattoos (or tattoo removal), and a lot more.

We’re Calgary’s Haven for all things beauty!

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