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Semi-Permanent Brows | Before & Aftercare

If you want to do the absolute best things before and after getting your brows tattooed then you'll want to read this page's content!

Things to know for BEFORE your initial appointment

o No major beauty treatments for Fourteen (14) days before your consult date, specifically as follows:

1) No retinol products to be used
2) No Waxing/Sugaring/Threading to the area
3) No laser or resurfacing treatments allowed 14 days before, or 30 days after your


o Stimulants such as caffeine are not recommended on the day. Alcohol is not

recommended the evening prior to treatment/s

o You are not required to know what you want – it is our job to guide and advise you

professionally! However, you are welcome to show us your preferred makeup style, and

have pictures of brows you like – a picture speaks a thousand words!

o Allow adequate time (~2 hours) for your initial appointment

o Be prepared that your brows and brow area may be white/red, swollen and raised. The

colour will visually appear darker initially for up to 10 days; color will significantly fade within 7-10 days after your initial appointment. The “magic” of the brow really coming together will happen at your follow up appointment – follow up appointments are mandatory.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Absolutely no makeup is to be placed directly onto the brow for a minimum of Fourteen (14) days post the procedure.

  • Keep the area clean at all times. Use an unscented, chemical free soap to cleanse daily. No retinol or exfoliation. Follow aftercare for the brow area only.

  • Do not expose yourself to activities where dirt can be implanted into the brow area.

  • Do not touch the brows with unwashed hands; this can encourage longer healing times and can disturb the pigment, as well as can contaminate the area leading to possible


  • Minor Scabs and discolouration are normal. Do not touch, itch, or pull at the scabs; this

    will pull the pigment from the skin and remove the colour in its entirety.

  • Colour will vary largely during your healing process. Be patient with your healing!

  • Touch up appointments are recommended to be booked for 4-8 weeks after your initial

    appointment time.

  • Touch up appointments are mandatory to complete your brow. The better your initial

    after care, the better the final brow will come together for you! Healing is 50% artist,

    50% client!

  • No direct sun exposure, and no ocean/lake/pool/hot tub exposure until brows are fully

    healed. Should you be out in the sun during healing times, please ensure a hat is worn.

    Should you, at any point in time, consider infection a concern, it is advised that you seek immediate medical attention from a licensed practitioner.

    Should you have any queries, please email

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