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Tiny Tattoos

Calgary Fine Line Tattoos – Haven Beauty

Sometimes, less is more – and that’s also true with tattoos. From tiny designs to large pieces that cover big parts of your body, our fine line tattoo artists can do it all (and yes, we want to hear the stories behind the design, too)!

Finger tattoos, ornamental tattoos, dainty tattoos... whatever you call them - it can be hard to find a good fine line tattoo artist, because the precision and small areas involved are often difficult to get just right. That’s why we go the extra mile to deliver the results you want, even on small details that others might not even notice.

Get your minimalist tattoos looking extra fine! Reach out to our technicians today to chat about fine line tattoos (or any of our other services) to find out if what we do is right for you!

Click here to learn all about our fine line tattoo before & aftercare.

View our work by clicking here:  @basicbeetattoo

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Helpful Information About Fine Line Tattoos

Are fine line tattoos permanent?

Yep! It is a tattoo!

Can you do colour fine line tattoos?

Yes! We offer black, grey and colour.

How much do fine line tattoos cost?

Like any other tattoo, it all depends on the image! Our minimum is $125.

Can 2 people come together for a tattoo?

Absolutely! Tattoos are charged individually though.

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