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Our Calgary Lash Services

What’s Available here in Calgary, Alberta?

Sometimes people can get overwhelmed by everything they see us doing on our social media so we figured we would lay it all out niiiice and easy right here for you all!  Browse through our current eyelash services below and click for more details!

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Classic Lashes

If your lashes aren’t quite as fabulous as you’d like, our “Classic Lashes” service is here to help. With a look that’s natural yet subtle, these extensions look just like a well-done mascara and add some POP to your style – all while staying simple, elegant, and of course, classic.


Hybrid Lashes

Need a stronger statement than classic lashes, but still need to keep it office-appropriate? Hybrid lashes are the gift you’ve been waiting for! They’re the perfect balance between natural flair and glam, achieving a soft, classy, and juuuuust noticeable enough look.


Volume Lashes

Ready to be seen as the queen you are? With our signature style, these lashes let your inner royalty out to play, but one word still defines what they’re all about: versatility.

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Mega Volume Lashes

If Volume Lashes are like blasting an album in your car, Mega Volume is like sitting front row at the concert – there’s no mistaking these big, bold, and beautiful lashes, and we live for the statement they make!

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Helpful Information About Lashes

Will all my lashes be gone if I take off my extensions?

NO. When lash extensions are applied correctly, no damage occurs to the natural lashes! You can take your extensions off at any time and go right back to mascara (not that you’d want too!)

Can I feel my eyelash extensions?

No! Our lashes and glue are of the highest quality in the industry, you won’t even remember you have them on after they’ve been applied!

Do I need to wash my lash extensions?

YES! Would you go a week without washing your hair or brushing your teeth?! No! We recommend washing your lashes 2-3 times per week, with a proper lash shampoo.

How often do I need to get my eyelash extensions filled?

This depends on the individual…. Most clients vary from 2-4 weeks between fills based on lifestyle, skin type, sleep habits, aftercare and more.

Can I get eyelash extensions if I have no eyelashes?

Lash extensions can only safely be attached to real hair; NEVER directly to the skin.  For safety reasons we follow this protocol strictly at Haven and ensure that the style of lash chosen gives the appropriate coverage desired, within any limitations that may be physically there.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Absolutely!  If you would like our long answer visit our dedicated blog post to find out about the safety of lash extensions!

Lashes: FAQ
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